Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Anyone for breakfast?

February is Knit-Along month. I've already started the megillah case again for the Fix-a-thon, but it doesn't look substantially different than it did the last time, it's just narrower.

But for the Fry-Up: anyone for an egg?

I think I need to get out the markers and give it a face-lift. A little brown around the edges, some specks of spices here and there. If this were anything but for Purim, I'd probably duplicate stitch it, but for one day a year, markers will be enough.

About Israel: I don't know if it's the weather, or because my ever-cheeful bat bayit (I don't know how to put that in English--she's a girl who spends so much time here we consider her a sort of daughter) hasn't been around this week, but I'm feeling very pessimistic. The news today is full of minor incidents--a Molotov cocktail near Shilo, rockets in Gaza, shooting in North Shomoron--just like the early days of this war. I've read that the givernment wants to temporarily hire rent-a-cops to do the dirty work of "disengagement," and I've read that some people are threateneing to go on a hunger strike to the death in protest of the plan, about parents threateneing to commit suicide if needed to prevent the givernment digging up dead children to "disengage" them from their graves. Maybe all this insanity would be easier to take if it were sunny and warm.


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Rachel Ann said...

I love the egg!!! It would also make a nice daisy (with a bit of ink or alteration)
Much nicer to dwell on your terrific work than the rest of the blog. Yeah, same feelings, and worries.
And I wish I knew what would really help; besides praying.