Monday, February 28, 2005

Leavin' on a jet plane

Another entry on the "You Know You Travel Too Much" list, courtesy of me-ander: "You know you travel too much when you can't figure out the time, because your watches, cellphone and computer are all in different time zones." Oh, boy does she have that right. Not a single device of mine shows the same time zone as any other.

I did it, I did it! OK, so I hardly worked this week, but I finished the megillah case

and the fry-up!

I loved working this bag; it taught me so much. Since it's just a lark I felt free to combine knitting and crochet, acrylic, cotton, and wool, and even to add in a few Debbie New-ish touches, like the maple syrup (any guesses on what exctly it's made of?). I also learned that I can't line a bag for beans, so I'm going to have to ask my dad to teach me how to do it when he comes to visit. (He gave up his sewing machine when he retired for the second time.) I learned that twisted handles are stronger than a knitted band, that even acrylic can be blocked, if only a little bit, and that I can do some really basic deisgning (the bread and butter).

Meme! I got tagged by In the Pink on the TiVo meme. Well, OK, I tagged myself, sorta kinda. But I didn't mean she had cheated--I meant that had I considered myself tagged without actually getting tagged, that would have been cheating. So I've been officially tagged, and now, the moment none of you have been waiting for:

How much space is left on your TiVo? Well, we don't have TiVo here. We do have something called "Yes Max," which I think may be like TiVo, but I have a firm rule to pass on any product advertised by showing a man urinating.

Have you ever bought a DVD of a TV series, and if so, which one? Not for myself yet (I'm waiting for the price on To The Manor Born to go down), but I have bought M*A*S*H for A and Little Men for S.

What was the last TV show you watched before reading this message? The Israel version of "Whose Line Is It" on Saturday night.

List five shows you won't miss: There aren't any. I did like watching The Ambassador, and I always try to miss the news. My heart rate is fast enough as is.

List your favorite shows of all time: Eight is Enough Chatzi HaMinashe, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Zehu Zeh, St. Elsewhere.

Who are you tagging? Backspace because I know he watches more TV than I do, Rachel Ann because she actually has cable (every family in my town would have to subscribe 4 times over to be eligible, even the ones without TVs), and Anna. What she watches this year I'll be seeing in two, and with her taste in statuary, I'm sure to enjoy what she likes.

Off I go, off to the wild blue yonder. Got business to do and yarn to fondle (this grope's for you, Zibibbo!).


muse said...

Too much in one post, how can we reply to so many things?

Now I know why there was nothing new for so long, yes I do check.

tv, nothing recent; we only get #1 and Jordan. Vcr's been dead awhile. When it works, my husband records things like Agency, CSI and Law and Order for me to see when I won't fall asleep in the middle.

Oldies, any British comedy with Pamela Keach. Laughing's good for the health. Also that "Bucket" family one, very good for the auto-immune system.

eyeleen said...

Your fry-up bag looks great!

Orendon said...

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