Monday, May 19, 2003

MerinoNo real fiber activity. :-( Yesterday was PTA day . Did a little SIP on the tzitziot and finished off one ply (I hope). Today started the next ply while S was at the orthodontist, and probably will do some more tonight when we take S to next year's high school for a gibushon and then B goes to a client to do some quick work. I think people like my little lacewood Spindizzie as much as they like watching me do something "strange".

Happy Lag B'Donut, everyone!

Friday, May 16, 2003

Wednesday was the world' shleppiest day (TM). B went to buy parchment, I returned the wheelchair Mom borrowed from Ezer MiTzion. Did some shopping--bought stone donuts to make spindles. Had an idea for a supported toothpick spindle, but upon exectution it was so light that I could only get backspin. Got two carryons for all our upcoming trips to America. Got dowels for the stone donuts. Taught an Excell tutorial. Went to the gym. Went grocery shopping. Got home at 11 pm, exhausted, so no fiber pursuits that day.

Yesterday I combed some of my found fiber, put together a spindle using the larger of the donuts, a chopstick, and a hook from B's toolkit, and spun a little while T had a bunch of friends over to watch Harry Potter 1.

I think I'll just do some more combing and carding today and leave the dyeing for next week. Have to work on S's vest and emptying my distaffs so that when the Tunis I'm being sent for the Spin-Off skein challenge on the Spindlers list.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

With the help of the Spindlitis group, I washed some fleece that I found lying out by the grocery yesterday.

Before washing:


Almost done!

Drying--it's so much nicer now.

Tomorrow's tasks: buy another cat comb so I can comb the wool up. Thursday or Friday--dye day!