Sunday, February 06, 2005

Life is good because

* I've been ROAKed. Katie McEvoy of She-Knits-A-Lot sent me a gift certificate to Adagio Tea. She is so right--weather like this just calls out for sitting somewhere cozy, wrapped in a great shawl and sipping good tea. I'm totally thinking about the simpliciTEA pot. Wouldn't this make a great chinik for Shabbat sense? I'm very into white and clean lines. It's really calling me, but I will look around the rest of the site before I commit. Decisions, decisions.

* My Jersey boys didn't show up Shabbat [let's all hiss at their commander], so I have tons of leftovers. No cooking for me this week. And I suppose it'll be a good week for dieting with all this food around. Best diet tip I ever got: Since everything worth pigging out on is dairy (ice cream, chocolate, etc.), when you're tempted, eat meat. You might want to cheat on your diet, but would you cheat on G-d?

* A's teacher found one more ulpana for her to test at. Anyone know anything (pro or con) about the ulpana in Ofra?

* I got some time to take a good look at myself in the mirror yesterday. Hey, what else are you going to do on a rainy Shabbat afternoon? Lots more grey in my hair than the last time I looked--yay, me. No, really. I like the grey. First off, these past few years I've earned a few grey hairs. Second off, they're not really grey, they're silver, and I think they look really good in my hair. Third off, if no one else agrees with me--since I cover my hair, they'll never see it.

* La put me on her list of blogs to check out. And you know that anyone with such good cat-naming sense has got to be right. But don't you all think she ought to finish up her Dead Sea Stole and send it over here to someone who can wear it at the Dead Sea?

* I've got a new tatting shuttle to play with.

The learn to tat site I'm using to learn how to tat recommends using two shuttles, and that happened to be one of the few things the "yarn store" in Tel Aviv had. Now I just have to figure out if I like it with the bobbin and with the crochet hook thingy at the end.

*I'm glad I ripped out what I had done on my green Romney socks and enrolled them in the February fix-a-long. I love the new stitch; it's exactly what I wanted. A little chunky, a little funky. A lot like me.


muse said...

Ofra's a fantastic school. My two younger daughters studied there when it was new and small, but my friends with much younger girls are very happy with it. It's a large school now offering a lot. Good luck finding the right school. I'm so glad that I'm finsished with that. My baby is almost finished with the army. Baruch Hashem!

Creative Genius? said...

Hey there

Just wanted to say hello!!! I found you on the RAOK page and emailed back (not realizing you were IN Israel)... My name is Alison ( and I just love Israel! I've lived there for several summers and while I don't know anything about the Ulpan you're asking about -- I had lots of luck with Uplan Akiva in Netanya and found it to be a terrific program!

Well that's it! Hope you had a terrific Shabbos and I look forward to being a reader of your blog!

-Alison (aka Aviva Leah)