Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Houston, you are cleared for takeoff!

I was sort of afraid the cardiologist would decide I needed more test or something, and therefore couldn't head out to NY and Houston next week. but he gave me the green light to do any old thing I please, as long as I keep an eye on my pulse and blood pressure and take double to triple the amount of beta blockers I'd been taking. W00t! USa yarn stores, here I (and my charge cards) come. Shopping on a working vacation doesn't really count as breaking a stash diet, does it?

Top ten signs you travel too much (in progress):

10. Your favorite restaurant is 10 hours away. By plane.
9. Ditto your LYS.
8. You have your travel agent's phone number on speed dial.
7. Your little black book is filled with frequent flyer numbers.

Any suggestions for more?

I got RAOKed! Anna send me 2 knitting magazines and a delicious bar of soap. Nutmeg and vanilla, which are my current obsessions in cooking. I grabbed the mags away from S long enough for a photo shoot:

More yarn to put on my shopping list; I see at least one pair of socks, a hat, and a jacket I want to make, and quickly.

Wednesdays are for KALs:
The green Romney socks are coming along:

Very rustic, no? Makes me look like I ought to go out and plow the back 40. Wait--I really ought to go out and plow the back 40 before I leave....
Finished S's yarn. Well, 4 skeins of it, anyway. Wanted to finish the rest before I left, but it's a no-go. 4 skeins will hold her over until I get home.

With any luck, tomorrow--the finished Fry-Up bag!


muse said...

Glad you got the aok, but take care.
You forgot to mention:
You can't figure out the time, because your watches, cellphone and computer are all in different time zones!

zibibbo said...

Hurray! You can go! Wow, fondle and squeeze a few hanks for me :)