Monday, July 30, 2007

Coasting in to Paris

Just in time, I finished the cotton sweater. It's not perfect, but it's meant to be a knock-about sweater, so it's perfect enough. The Middle Teen, who's modeling this shot, wants me to make another, same body size but smaller sleeves, for her, which really means it must be close enough to perfect.

Whew. Now I'll take a rest day and then go back to MS3 (moving into the slow bee lane, because I need to add length to both the black and the white versions) and Vog On.

Dad's here, the last gasp of gardening before shmita is being done, one kid is starting summer vacation and the other is ending it--never a dull moment.


Carol said...

Yep!!! that's how I can tell it's a good knit... when the young ones want one too,

Penny said...

That's really awesome. I would not have wanted anything my mum wore when I was a teen (I still don't, I think our clothing ages are swapped.. I've always dressed as if I was 40ish when I was 15 and my hair lives in a bun).


Jen said...

That is one beautiful sweater. I can see why your daughter wants one for herself. That yarn is just awesome too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

muse said...

I'm impressed. All I can do is crochet my little hats.

MgoBlue said...

I <3 that sweater~ where did you get the pattern? It's so adorable! Are you on ravelry? if so, let me know and I'll find your page when I get invited!

Melsbells said...

can you tell me the pattern for that sweater? it really is adorable!