Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This is your life. It is a re-run.

I spent the day avoiding the news. Sharm part two thousand and twenty one. Cease fire. We've seen this movie before, haven't we? A law which might well lead to a Jewish civil war passed because of the vote of a non-Jew. Like this is a surprise? The government is in power only because of the Arab vote, too. Now if these were different votes going through on the Charedi MK votes, you know how loud the left would scream. Oy--my ears hurt just thinking about it.

I got a spam with a "from" line that is perfect for today's political situation: Legislating F. Sabotages. Maybe I ought to open it--it might be from MK Baraka.

My Palm Zire 71 died. It needs a new screen. It will cost 2/3 of the price of a new Zire 72 and I may not even have it back before I go to the States. I told the repair people that I couldn't authorize the repair until they told me when I'd get it back. It would be easier to keep with my old Palm--all I'd need to do to get running is hotsync. Then again, the 72 can do some video, has a much better camera, and is only 1/3 more than fixing my old Palm. I had this same decision to make 2 years ago when my IIIxe died. I'm just a serial Palm murderer. [Don't tell the geek cops!]

In memory of ol' Palmie, my favorite Palm pic, the beach at the border of Tel Aviv and Jaffa at sunset:

We had snow!

It was coming down pretty heavy for a while, and lasted on the ground all of a half hour. The one day a year we get snow and all the kids were in school in warmer towns. Think they'll ever let me live it down?

Fry-Up alert: These ladies out-Fried us. But check out the yummies:

I'm thinking I need a few of these on my bag; I'm definitely doing the bread.

I've finally found my plate. No hat for me, at least this year, but the retro yellow bag just didn't do it for me. But what about this baby?

I might spiff it up with a line of gold between the solid and fluted sections, but this is certainly an elegant way to start the day. Arm me with two of these sweeties, my eggs, waffle, bluebarry jam, and bread, and I'm good for a SnB anywhere!

I started my Mariah. No pictures yet--I'm only 4 lines into the first sleeve. I know I'll be the last one to finish it because I'm not taking a huge honking ball of yarn to the States with me. Tough--as long as it's done by next winter.

Poor S re-ran my visits to the frog pond. She was 13" into her sweater when she showed me the pattern. "Um, dear, this says it should be knit in the round...." Rip. Rip. The pattern is a little complicated and this is only her second real year of English language instruction, since you can't call what she got from 4th through 8th grade English lessons.

I wonder if there will only be re-runs tonight on TV?

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muse said...

Don't watch the news; they don't listen to you, so you don't have to listen to them. That's my motto. Keep some good music on and dance http://www.israelnn.com/article.php3?id=4766