Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Just--argh! Ever have one of those months (OK, it's only the 2nd--anyone want to promise me it'll get better)?

I bought a loom yesterday. At least I thought I did--8 harness, gently used. We were working out the details of shipping when the seller emailed me that she sold it to someone else. I can understand she wanted to make a quick sale so she'd have the money, but we were in the middle of emailing back and forth in real time--you'd think she could have said, "I've got someone else who's interested; could you give me a quick yes or no about whether you're buying it, and if it's yes, could you give me a down payment"? I would have, if given the chance.

[Sigh] Maybe it's just as well. I think an 8 harness would have been more loom that I could handle to start, and I've really become intrigued by the Xenakis Technique, so I guess it's back to looking at rigid heddles. I'm thinking Kromski, because where on earth would I put the beast?

And then there's tonight. B, S, and I are spposed to go to a play, Mayim Achronim (with Shuli Rand). Only tonight's supposed to be miserable, and I don't want B to have to drive in the storm. No problem--the next town over has chartered a bus. Now, for those of you who do not live out where I do (me-ander and Rachel Ann, I consider you locals), chartered rides are the way to go anywhere. Public transportation, well, to put it nicely, sucks, and does a lousy job of that, too. Who wants to drive in one's own car? The roads are not well maintained (especially in winter), and that's before you start dealing with the wild animals on the roads and driving through hostile towns. Whenever you hear there's a hasa'ah arranged, it's time for the Snoopy dance.

Great. Wonderful. Snoopy dance time. We even called the woman organizing the bus to triple-check that there was room for us and that we could get on the bus closer to our town. We're so yekke it hurts.

Then last night we get a call. They're downsizing the bus to a van. No room for you, you out-of-towners. So we decide we're not going to go after all, and S makes plans to run an activity with her Bnei Akiva group. We call to cancel and are told to call back this morning.

We do, and are told that we can't cancel, that it's not their problem that they've cancelled our ride, and that, basically, the shekel stops with us. So we call S, she rearranges her activity for tomorrow night (I hope it doesn't snow; I don't want her to miss the only snow of the year because she's out of town) and we'll be going tonight after all.

Either we have to start finding more responsible people to hang out with or we have to learn to pass the buck as well as the rest of them.

Or maybe I just need to break my diet and have some chocolate.


La said...

Hi Moze! Just found your blog from the knit bloggers yahoo group. Let me start off by saying I LOVE your name. Coincidentally, Moze is the name of my favorite cat. Well, his name is Momoze, but goes by Moze for short. Damn, I sound like a fruitcake! Anyhow. I'll be adding you to my bloglines subs. Looking forward to reading you more!

muse said...

Ooy, the logistics. People haven't a clue. I'm waiting to hear how the play is. Enjoy!