Thursday, February 10, 2005

Travel P-rn

Living in Israel means never having nothing to whine about, but despite the February blahs, I'm not in the mood to whine. So instead, I give you a pictorial of where I will be 3 times over the next half a year (for a total of about 2 and a half months. Home? Wazzat?)

Leave guesses about Where In The World (Besides Houston, of which I don't yet have pictures since I haven't been there yet) Is Moze Going in the comments (some of you have a head start, living in one city or knowing that I'm going to the other):

This is just wrong dep't:


Ikea's good, but it's not worth dying for

Just because Amir Lang was booted off the show doesn't mean he won't get a plum hasbara job (in Hebrew). You'd think Bibi would at least wait and pick up one of the two who don't win the final.

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muse said...

seeing the world?
According to my phone, I have, too.