Monday, March 25, 2002

Another killed last night. OK, now the bullet-proof buses aren't safe and the new bullets will pierce ceramic bullet-proof vests. Tanks can be exploded--so what's left for safe transport?

Ate too much chocolate yesterday and stayed up too late watching Eight is Enough--comfort food and comfort TV. At least I got 12 rows in on the Heir's sweater.

Have my music lesson today and am *so* not ready.

On email, people are talking about the Oscars. Who cares? I'm making up my Pesach shopping list and hoping I live through tomorrow.

S is being a typical teenaged brat. One year and 5 months until she goes to dorm school--if she and I make it that long.

Have to recode MSWord HTML code again for 8 hours. Grr.... Got the office floor clean.

Sunday, March 24, 2002

One dead today. Not someone I know--but I left Neve Tzuf when she would have been 12. Rabbi Blass's daughter was on the bus and interviewed (she did a good job). Glad she wasn't hurt.

Decided my diet has room to include a piece of chocolate for each person killed. Comfort food.

Spent all day fixing *&*(^()*^Microsoft Word HTML. Oh, well, it's a living.

The girls are in Ariel--I'm worried, since today's killing happened through the windows of a "bullet-proof" bus.

Cleaned out under the china cabinet and above the sink. I may be able to get Pesach organized this year without killing someone.

Knitted the collar and first 4 rows of the yoke on the Heir's sweater. Glad I have until the summer to do this.