Monday, January 31, 2005


Why is it taking one lousy blood test makes me feel out of it for hours? It was only one tube of blood, for crying out loud, certainly not enough blood to make a real physical difference to my body.

Must be the stress of taking the test in the first place.

See, I have small veins. Very small veins. Veins so small nurses and technicians are given to speculating on my obviously alien origins. Butterfly needles aren't even much help. In all my life I've found one person who can draw blood out of me the first time, but she's in the city and I didn't have time to go to town this morning, so I had to go to the local clinic.

The nurse here is great. She's a dear friend. At one point we were certain my A would marry her son. She can get blood out of any normal human being. Normal being the operative word. I put off this test for three weeks for fear of going to her; at one point in my past, when it was thought I had RA, I had to go for nearly-weekly blood tests. Ever have a coagulation test coagulate before it hits the test tube? We used to have contests--all the paramedics in town would try to draw blood from me in a timely enough fashion for the blood to actually be testable. All failed.

She's gotten better with the years, though. All it took was three sticks with the butterfly and holes in each arm. Now we just have to wait to see if the tube filled up fast enough to be testable. If it didn't, I'm going to get a little testy.

Pass the sugar, please.

The big demonstration seems to have done fine without me. Considering I was asleep by the time it started, I suppose that's a good thing. S's school cancelled classes for the day, so she's off to the tail end of the demonstration before her university final this afternoon, in her ever fashionable T'manoon orange shirt. I wonder just how many orange shirts that store sold this year...

In other news: Woke up this morning to an email that I got into the ROAK ring. Now I have to go surfing to see who's day needs a little cheer. I've got a few ideas bubbling around the brain, waiting for the sugar (and the cold water and lemon) to kick in.


Lisa said...

Welcome to the RAOK ring! Sorry to read about your blood test-- hope everything's ok!

Debbie said...

Welcome to FibeRAOK!!! Cute card ya sent us!

May all your fibers be soft.


Gracie said...

Welcome to Fiber RAOK!!! And, thank you for the cute e-card! It made my morning!

I hope everything goes well with your blood tests, I'll be thinking about you.

Have a great Monday!!

Happy Knitting,

Lori said...

blood tests are never very fun :( I'm a needle hater...

Welcome to RAOK!

Maryellen said...


I have veins like you. TRhe last time I had sugery I ask the check in person to call me back early so they could get a line started so i could actauly have the sugery that day. She didn't believe me. I got back to the prep area anurse poped a strap around my arm nothing happened. Two anstesia doctors later they started my IV in a small vein in my wrist hoping it would last long enough to get my unconsious so they could get a proper line started. How come no one believes me when I say I have bad viens?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the FibeRAOK!!!

Glad to have you with us!

Oh, and I loved the German version. And Bagdad Cafe is still one of my favorites. We started watching Rosalie Goes Shopping ... TERRIBLE. Couldn't keep watching it.