Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Everything comes in twos

Babies x2: Back in the Bais (Bais Yaakov of Queens, that is) we learned that the reason Shimon and Levi were so close is that they were born 2 months apart. When I was grown and found out a friend had two uteruses (uterii?), I wondered if that could have been the reason behind the births, but everyone I told about my theory -- doctors, rabbis, laymen -- told me I was out of my ever-lovin' mind. Out of my mind I may be, but you go argue with the news. Two babies two months apart. Sure sounds familiar to me.

Ulpana-rama x2: So A went off to test for the high school in Ofra. They only have dorm 2 night s a week, so 3 days a week she'd have to hitch-hike to school, but based on her time-to-hitch yesterday, that shouldn't be a problem. She has lots of friends amongst the girls who are already there for 8th grade (it's one of the local schools), though she wasn't impressed by most of the girls testing with her. At lunch she was surrounded by about 20 girls--some she met this summer at the Maayanot sleep-away camp and some were friends-of-friends. One thing I didn't understand: they had group interviews instead of individual, and part of the interview was a Survivor-like voting out of other girls. A was the Survivor; the other 4 girls had no question that A would get accepted. Now we just have to see if the school administration agrees.

Ofra is a good compromise: A wants a dorm school, I'd like her home. But if she doesn't get into Ofra, Lehava is a perfectly fine place, and having seen one of their films last night on Channel 1 (18 L'Chupa, a romantic comedy), their communications program seems to fit what A wants.

Fry-Up x2: The plate is coming along nicely. Of course, it only took me 3 inches of plate to realize that no one will be able to see the whites of the eggs against a white plate. [sigh]. Now I definitely have to singe the edges of the eggs with a brown marker. I'm Magic Looping the dickens out of this plate. Could someone tell Israeli yarns stores that circs do come in lengths other than 100 cm?

Snow x2: While you're digging out your cars and lamenting yet another round of the white stuff, remember that there are children in the Middle East who go to bed every night hungry for snow.

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