Friday, October 06, 2006

When Judaism interferes with knitting

Tonight the holiday of Sukkot starts, and so my knitting ends for a week. I'm still not sure I understand why I have to give up my craft Prozac -- sure, in the days when you *had* to knit/weave/spin/sew to clothe your family it was work, but now? [sigh]

And it comes at the worst time, right at the start of my quick-finish-everything-in-sight-before-I-fly panic.

Speaking of which, can anyone explain why accomodations in Toronto, Canada are so flippin' expensive? The Spouse and I may actually stay in a hostel, because everything else seems to be about the same price as the hotel we stayed in in Paris, without the convenience of a kosher breakfast or being walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. (And what, pray tell, is worth doing in Toronto, particularly after 5 pm, aside from Lettuce Knit?)

Here's a state of the WIPs, before religion forces them into hiding.

An FO--another MD baby kimono. Everything old is new again, only this time in stocking stitch. Gifted to a baby to be named later -- her parents were so sure she'd be a boy they hadn't even thought of any girl names, and then, when she was born, oops!

So now I have no girl baby gifts. A serious problem in a town where babies are the local industry. Lack of gifts + lots of oddballs of acrylic + MD knitting book = log cabin baby blanket! Too bad I started the blanket off thinking I'd have a run on boy baby gifts, but I can compensate: when I'm done I'll embroider a flower in the center square using some girly-girl color yarn. Since the picture was taken I've added two strips and four circular needles, because a blanket all bunched up looks like unblocked lace. What this might say about my tolerance for unblocked lace and the number of #6 circular needles I own will go unsaid.

But it's not all acrylics (me, knitting in acrylics--well, it's for a good cause, namely reducing my acrylic stash). Oh, no, of course it's not, because it's

I've even managed a half FO (does that make it an F or an O?)

Trekking XXL, color 66. This may hold the record for sock longest on the needles, since I cast it on at the beginning of June, while waiting for a flight to Las Vegas. (Here's the sock visiting Red Rock Canyon, back when I thought I could actually finish a sock over the summer with the Trek-Along)

and cast off Tuesday. With any luck sock #2 will go faster, because now that The Spouse has doctor-ordered custom insole and needs to wear old man shoes for the rest of his life, he's decided the only worthy compensation is hand-knit socks. (Are there any good cotton sock yarns with a decent amout of lycra content, too? The Spouse will spring for a whole new sock yarn stash if I can find a brand. If not, I'll probably try a pair or two out of Cascade Fixation.)

And if he gets, socks, I get socks. I hope these come out nicely, but who can tell? It's a mystery pattern from the SAM Yahoo group.

And in the Mason-Dixon spirit of "nothing is too crazy if you want it bad enough," a garterlac placemat. I think it may be a little small; I may buy another ball of this Coats & Clark yarn when I visit my parents in November.

Yeah, I know it's garish and tacky, yet for some reason, every time I look at it it makes me feel insanely happy. Go figure.


Iris said...

Grumperina likes the cotton/lycra sock yarn from this outfit:

There's also Elann Esprit, both solid and variegated at - but it's listed as sport weight and I don't know what international shipping will do to you.

In fact, I just found Grumperina's whole list:

Even my (from my standpoint) very observant bubbe would not have hung up her knitting for the whole week - the yom tov days yes, but that at least cuts you a break in the middle! And there's no shabbat/shabbos during chol hamoed this year either....

Iris said...
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amysue said...

Oh yeah, it's the next holiday (pant.pant.) The sukkah frame is up and I head out to get some corn stalks and brush later this morning. We have a few new decorations this year. And lots of sukkah hopping over the week end.

I can't remember if Sockotta (although it's half wool, half cotton) has lycra.

diane h said...

What a fun update. I found an unfinished Cascade Fixation sock when I was looking for something to do at a White Sox game - but unfortuately I had put it away without the pattern which I discovered at the game - err. That had sat on the needles for about 6 mos which is my record. Now the first cast on for #2 has sat around for about a month, because I still haven't downloaded a new copy of the pattern (not to self: TODAY). I enjoy your blog - I don't know why Toronto hotels are so expensive - don't they know they are in Canada???

Tasha said...

I agree with the knitting prozac theory. Ah well. Hag sameach. Off to knit for a few more hours until dinner.

Anonymous said...

but what about hol hamoed? you can knit during that time, no?

Lucy said...

I love your sock yarns!!!

AmyS said...

Great projects! Why can't you knit during chol hamoed? People work/travel/etc then. Happy Sukkot, anyway!

Angela said...

Hi Moze,
I hope everything is well with you. I am looking forward to hearing from you about spinning cotton. Sorry to hear that the knitting is on hold. Maybe there are no restrictions on buying yarn and blogging? Both can be somewhat fulfilling:) Re: lycra sock yarn, check out It is an online encyclopedia of yarn listed by fiber, brand, name, etc...and everything is cross referenced. Maybe this can help you find a suitable yarn. They also list distributers and retailers for each yarn listed. Have fun! No knitting? I'm not knitting! See, no needles, just my computer!



Jacquie said...

The hotels close to the water are the most expensive as they are close to the main stuff in downtown, however if you move a few blocks north, they are not as bad. The last time I stayed at a hotel in TO, we actually stayed at a small, old Best Western - it was an old beautiful house that had been converted (and supposedly haunted in one room, but not ours). It was about 10? blocks north of King St - a short cab ride or drive. As for attractions, there are a lot of clubs and pubs if you're into that. Also a lot of restaurants....and TO is Broadway North, so there are a lot of shows too - not sure what's currently playing, but I'm sure you could find something to go to. When are you going? Alison and I will be down there next weekend to see Carbon Leaf play :)