Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm baaaaaaack!

OK, so I'm a lousy blogger. Didn't post at all the last year. I don't do resolutions, but I will try to do better this year.

The Beast sweater from my last post is finished (have to get B to model it for a picture) as is a matching hat. No scarf, but only because I used all three pounds of roving, and there's no more to be had. [sigh]

Currently on the needles: An EZ Baby Surprise Jacket (Knitters 62, IIRC):

and a cover for the megillah B wrote me way back when (it's upside down, being blocked on a glass)

I'm also spinning the cotton I grew last summer and some green Romney because I need socks!

The girls are off at the big demonstration in Jerusalem. I'm not sure how I feel about that--I agree with what they want to do, but I don't think a demonstration will do anything. What will, though--I just don't know.

And even though he'll never read this, in the spirit of firgun--Yossi from Bank Discount in Petach Tikvah rocks! The girls managed to get my ATM card swallowed not once, but twice this morning, and he got it back to them both times, though they were in a whole 'nuther city. Gotta love good customer service.

In other news, after 10 years in this house, we're finally getting a closet! Here in Israel one doesn't get built-in closets if one doesn't plan one's own house. Until now we've lived with this:

Horrible, no? The new closet is costing an arm and a leg, but it'll be our design. So I could have gone to England or bought an 8 harness loom for that. A closet is forever, isn't it?

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