Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Knit from your stash 2007

Like just about everyone in the blogosphere, I'm doing the KFYS07, but this time, I'm going to play it my way.

Everything counts.
I'm certainly not saying sock yarn doesn't count, because more than half my purchases in 2006 were sock yarn.
No allowances for things I'm asked to knit, since that was the other half of my purchases.
I am allowing myself to buy whatever I feel like buying.

So how is this "knit from your stash"?

I may buy whatever I feel like buying, but I must use up at least an equal amount, plus more. Since February 2006 (when I started to keep track) I bought or was gifted 3.6 kilo of yarn. I used or gifted 7.2 kilo, so I had a net stash depletion of 3.6 kilo of yarn. In 2007, since I'm starting to keep track from January 1, I hope to up that net depletion to at least 4 kilo. I've already made a start. Despite a last minute 2006 acquisition (which went on the 1006 balance sheet), I have used 100 grams of stash so far this year.

Final purchase of 2006 (Dec. 31, 3 pm) and first FO of 2007 (January 1, 12:20 am):

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