Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday is for politics

Since S didn't go to the three day march because she's missed enough school already, a few political links:

A modest proposal (in Hebrew): in the wake of the red and blue bracelets for and against Bush, Netzig Haam has proposed the wearing of orange bracelets for supporters of the settlements, and purple for those who'd like them gone. I think when I'm in town next I'll buy some orange crochet cotton and knot myself up a bracelet or three.

Support Yossi Filant from Yitzhar. Whatever you think of Sharon's unilateral plan, the army was wrong here. How can you take a topic that's so controversial and ask a boy to implement it in his own small town? Are there no other soldiers in the army? It reeks of the army just looking for trouble, and this young man only did what I think any young man in his situation would. Could you tear down a neighbor's house, legal, illegal, or somewhere in between?

People in Shederot expect the government to do something about the Palestinian rockets. Anyone else reminded of the old two positives joke?

But one bright note--the bank is no longer on strike. Got the check cancelled, had to pay 17 shekel. The Postal Bank said they'd cover the fee if I fill out a lot of paperwork, but frankly, it's probably not worth the time and effort.

And yes--there were fibery doings today. But more on that later, when I download the pictures and clear out the stench.


Rachel Ann said...

Well, I know one thing I'll be buying when we go into town together! That or orange roving if I can find, though the breacelet would be that much further down the road. (Oh, and don't count on socks, at least socks you can wear!!!)

Moze said...

Rachel Ann, you're on. So--Badei Shani, Charuz Kazeh (the clerk is Anglo, which after all these years I still prefer), and we'll see what else we find.

And don't worry about the socks--just put me towarsd the bottom of the list. After 500 or so pairs, you'll be an expert!