Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Thinking about Purim

It's Shevat already, which would mean more than it does in this leap year, and if any of my kids still dressed up in anything but outrageous hair spray (and normal clothes--let's not get carried away).

But the women around here dress up for the Annual Women's Party, and if I weren't going to be in West Palm Beach (do I need to give the oldsters a heart attack) or in Houston (yeah, this would look professional....) I'd make myself these. Maybe I should start on them anway, get a head start on next year.

Now I have to start planning Shalach Manot so the girls can distribute them when we're not here. I have to ask around--can I give here though I'm in Houston, or do I have to give there? I don't even know anyone in Houston! (Well, no one Jewish.) Anyone have volunteers?

Sitting outside the parchment dealer last night (I will not go in there--the man's just [shudder] though his parchment's good) I finished spinning teh green Romney and did most of a ball of BFL. I hated the BFL first time I spun it, but now that I'm spinning it fatter and softer--buttah. Yum!

The bank's still on strike, the new government coalition is shredding at the seams. Gotta love Israel.

I was supposed to be in London today. Instead, I get Bnei Brak. Oh, joy.

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