Monday, January 17, 2005

Erev Kishlonot Zekeinim (Old Failures Night)

Or, as it is more commonly (if less accurately) known, erev kishronot tzeirim (young talents night). A has half her class over for red spaghetti and a movie (an Israeli golden oldie, "The Troupe"). Ever try to work with a mid-afternoon slumber party going on behind you?

So--as to yesterday's fibery goodness. The green Romney is now half an inch into being socks. The BSK is done except for the sewing up; tomorrow's mission is to buy buttons to match its acrylic-ness. I made myself 4 stitch markers following the instructions on the Glampyre site, then decided I needed better pliers, so that'll go on my list for tomorrow, too. Rachel Ann will never believe I'm as broke as I am with the list I'll have by morning, but I only go on shopping sprees once a year or so, and tomorrow is the day.

And my new spinning project has reached its next state. Here's the raw (and I do mean raw) material:

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