Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Music, crochet, orange ribbons, and other necessities of life

Mordechai Fried has a new song out for download, written by his brother R. Manis Friedman, about Shalhevet Pas HYD.

For my cousin Shlomit (any going to Las Vegas, stop in to the closest shul to the Strip and say hello to her husband the rabbi--especially if you need a place to eat Shabbat) who cannot learn to crochet, two comments/doodles from Catharsis: Crochet is not for everyone and Crochet is serious business.

"We're on the map" department: Crafts 'n' Scraps has a listing of the various ribbon colors and what they represent, including [ta-dum!]
Orange = hunger, leukemia, cultural diversity, Multiple Sclerosis -wristband only, Support of the Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and North Samaria (Israel)
Arutz Sheva has reported (in Hebrew only) that an American donor has given money to produce 100,000 orange bracelets with the motto "Jew's don't dispossess Jews." Remember--you read the idea here first.

Astute viewers may notice that the prograss bar on my almost finished megillah case went from 98% to 1%. It was twice as large as my megillah. I hated it. I ripped it out. It'll be my project for the February fix-a-knit-along.

Flu alert: Onions soaked overnight in honey isn't as bad as it's made out to be. All it needs is a little tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, mustard, thyme, and basil and it'd make a great salad. Not so sure if it'll make a great flu cure, though.

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muse said...

Try drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Generally when I'm really sick it goes down, and once I'm feeling better, I can't stand it.
Hope you're better by now.