Sunday, January 30, 2005

Diet time

Me-ander (and thanks for linking to me!) suggests lemon in hot water. It's worth a shot, so I've sent a kidlet down to the grocery to get a lemon.

Kids? At home? But today's the big demonstration.

Yes, it is, and I'm demonstrating that I don't get sucked into useless nonsense by staying home, as are my girls. (P is staying home at his yeshiva. Imagine, my only boy is slowly beig turned into a haredi anarchist by this country.) On some laywer show I watched when I was a kid I learned timeless wisdom: Never ask a question to which you don't know the answer. Do the "settlement leaders" think they're going to get to write the referendum question? Of course not. I can think of a half a dozen different wordings that would have even me voting yes to Sharon's plan, simply because the alternative on the referendum is worse, not because I really back the plan.

I could go on at length, but won't (aren't you glad?) Besides, as usual, Batya's done it better. I really, really, really want to draft her as a settler leader, but the notion of a person who can think clearly on Moetzet Yesha is probably too radical for this country.

So I'm home today, finishing up things, getting ready for my trip to Houston next month. Tried on some clothes--disaster. Since October I seem to have gained a good inch or two. Diet time--and just in the middle of hot cocoa season. Poo.

And if I have to diet, so should my stash! I finished weighing and measuring all the fiber and yarn I have: 28 kilo of yarn and 18.5 kilo of fiber, for a grand total of 46.5 kilo to shed. Honestly, I thought I had more, at least my weight in wool (and I wouldn't even want to weigh 46.5 kilo). Place your bets--what'll lose more in a month, me or my stash?

I finished the baby gift:

Now S just has to finish up the hat and our friend may give birth.

Speaking of S, she is actually knitting up the fiber

I spun for her, so I'm spinning more.

What nachas!


Suzanne said...

Welcome to the R.A.O.K. ring!

muse said...

Thanks for the plug, but cold, from the tap or bottle water, not hot. I remember a science experiment from the 7th grade that showed that heat destroys vitamin c.

You can also try miso in hot water, as a bullion, plain soup. I've found it more helpful than honey drinks. Dark miso from the healthfood stores. You can add parsley. Great for flavoring vegetables and soups.

And refuah shleimah!