Thursday, January 13, 2005

Israeli Politics

A is at the demonstration in Jerusalem again. Third day in the past two weeks, fourth? And have you seen any coverage of it in the media? Ho-hum.

Batya Medad explains eloquently why demonstrations like this are a bad idea. Think we could draft her for a spot on Moetzet [Chasrat] Yesha?

In other news, Yossi Filant of Yitzar got his conviction overturned by the High Court of Justice. Not that he's out of hot water yet--the army can retry him, and undoubtedly will. Still, it's nice to see Bagatz for once live up to its name.


muse said...

Welcome to the Israeli Blog Ring. Looks like you have a great blog, especially since you plugged my alter ego. What a nice surprise.

Moze said...

Thank you. But the question remains: If we start a "Draft Batya" movement, would you run? After teaching English, you certainly have experience doing what is generally thought to be impossible. Suonds like the right qualifications for the job Bentzi should be doing!