Monday, January 17, 2005

Bad Israeli Fashions, part II

P. always has me bring him home Old Navy clothes. He prefers to look American, though Americans often get teased or worse by "real" Israelis. He refuses to wear Israeli clothes--says there is no reason for a straight teen to dress like the worst caricature
of a flaming queen. (Could someone explain to me why none of the homosexual men I know dress half as "gay" as straight Israeli men?)

Well, things here must have reached the boiling point. Walla Zone
(in Hebrew) has an article complaining about male Israeli fashion trends. The upshot of the article? If you don't have a perfect body, don't wear low-rise jeans. Do not wear shiny nylon shirts unless you've a club-hopping low life, and don't do fashion trend mix and match--Israeli men just don't have the requisite fashion sense required.

Maybe the pendulum is ready to swing back away from the "all Eurotrash, all the time" styles for men and women--and not a moment too soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, you say Americans are made fun of by real Israelis, could you elaborate?

Moze said...
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Moze said...

Sorry--I had a bad link before. Let's try this again.

I don't know if you're in Israel; if not, these examples won't make as much sense. I won't use personal history, since one could always say, "Well, that's just you," but:

When people want to make fun of Tal Brody (of "anachnu al hamapah" fame) they pick on his accent.

In the movie Ushpizin, they make the icky cheapskate woman an American. Why? OK, so there are a lot of Anglos in Israel, but not so many that her previous nationality was a given--why not an Israeli? French?

Did you see Moni Moshonov on Eretz Nehederet doing Stanley Fisher? The look was easy; the base of his characterization was making Fisher obviously American.

The list could go on and on. Israel in general, I have found, needs olim but doesn't particularly *want* them, so olim are targeted for satire simply because of their birthplace. Interestingly enough, when's the last time you saw yordim made fun of?