Thursday, January 13, 2005

Shatnez alert!

No, not in my clothes, in my post.

Here's the green Romney destined to be socks for ME! (And a guest appearance by the BFL which is now on my Turkish spindle.)


And today I put the fiber flax up to ret.
I hope it doesn't stink too bad, since it's in the shed attached to the house. Then again, we have sinews in here to ret, too, so how much worse can it get?

I've gone through the stash looking for wonderful acrylic for the Fry-Up Knit Along. I don't want a yellow hat--not Purim-y enough. How does a fuschia hat with a fried egg, a waffle, and blueberries on it sound? Like a dog's breakfast?

And yes, the bank is still on strike.

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