Thursday, May 04, 2006

She likes them!

My sockapalooza socks are at their new home and, looking at the picture on Trish's blog, they fit. I alsway worry about that when sending off knits, because I'm a sucker for a live model. (Which is why the Sixth Sense socks are on hold, waiting for The Youngest Teen to come home and pass verdict on them, now that I've turned the heel.)

Spring has sprung with a vengance. We've had the four legged lawnmower pay a visit, I put out my annuals, and I'm going to plant my cotton next week. (It's late, but the weather was bad, and now the small tiller doesn't want to work right.)

And start-itis has struck, too. I've got the needles full, and getting fuller. The second Broadripple, the Sixth Sense, a felted Fiber Trends flamingo, the latest Dishcloth KAL, and an O which I F'ed without ever having blogged it in the first place.

Look at those cute little baseball cap buttons!

The Astra One-Ball Baby Sweater, knit in two days because we were "invited" to the baby's bris. ("Invited" in quotes because the father didn't actually have the poor manners to invite us, which in Jewish custom would then obligate us to attend. He just called to "make sure that we were coming to the bris and the meal." Same difference in reality, but a big difference legally.)

And speaking of legal: to the person searching for "how to turn on a 14 year old girl" -- if you're RR, slightly older friend of The Oldest Tenn, who's been hanging around The Youngest Teen a lot lately, you'd better start praying right now, young man. You want her, you'd better be prepared to wait 6-8 years, buddy-boy. If it was anyone else making the search, anyone over the age of 15, you might want to consider getting some help. And stay away from my 14 year old.


amysue said...

John plans to just arm himself and threaten (or not)them at the door when the time comes (boyfriends that is)-if only we had a Jewish equivalent of a convent.

verschwinden said...

Creepy, creepy, creepy. Some days, I hate men.

Batya said...

ever try knitting a chastity belt?