Monday, May 29, 2006

250,000 Israeli teens can't be wrong

If you were in Israel today, you may have noticed increased numbers of teens on the streets, looking to hitch a ride, looking hopeful, sullen, scared, worried... A quarter of a million Israeli teens between 10th and 12th grades are taking their math bagruyot today. The Oldest Teen is gloating, the Youngest Teen is laughing, and right about now The MIddle Teen is sharpening her pencils.

Now, I don't know much math, but I do know that 1+1=0.
One Broadripple knit, plus another Broadripple knit equals no projects left on the needles!

Can't have that, can we? So Team Moze started the lobg summer trail that is The Amazing Lace. First a quick morning warm-up
and then off we go--2.5 repeats down, 20-odd to go. What have I learned so far? I hate mohair-y wool.
(Odd--this looks much better in the picture than in real life.)

The stress about my mom is still here, of course. When stressed, I revert to old bad habits. The worst? Hooking.
We'll be staying by my father's cousin in Las Vegas, and the only thing cuz's wife can't do is crochet, so I'm making a checker set for their 4 year old twins. (Yes, my father's cousin is only about The Spouse's age.) Finally a chance to use up the horrible fuschia acrylic I bought when I first moved to Israel. What was I thinking? Oh, yeah--it was the best of the bad lot of yarn they had in those days.

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Chrissie said...

thinking abot you all pray you are all safe --your knitting blog is good