Friday, May 19, 2006

San Diego, here I come?

Started to work up the schedule for my next trip (next month). NYC, Las Vegas, West Palm & Port St. Lucie, Florida. The only hitch is San Diego, where we're scheduled to be from June 18-22. I just started looking at motels, and think I need to catch my breath. Sheesh, I found cheaper in Washington DC, in Minneapolis, in LA, even!

Anyone know of a cheap motel in the San Diego area? We'll be exhibiting at a show in the Manchester Grand Hyatt, but we will have a car, so anything within a half hour or so drive from there will work. We would need a mini-fridge, preferably also a microwave (but worst comes to worst, we could buy that at a Wal-Mart). Hi-speed net acess would be nice (I'm lost without my internets), but I can revert to dial-up, too, so a dataport or deteachable phone line will suffice. I'm looking around the $50/night range, for 2 people sharing one room. Any ideas?

Look what's got leaves. If baby sheep are lambs, what's baby cotton?


Jack's Shack said...

$50 a night. Better look at motels.

Safranit said...

Try the cheapest I found was $63 per night. I've stayed in chicago with their site, and they are pretty good

LB said...

I googled "baby cotton" and got this:

*shrugs* baby cotton = Cotton Seedlings? Maybe?