Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cotton Eyed Jew

Spring hasn't sprung, but it's mid-May. The government's been sworn in and the budget narrowly passed, but I don't see how Olmert will be able to kick me out of my home by October, so I decided I'd better get my cotton started now or forget about it for the season.

Left to right: Brown, white, and green

Yes, I start my cotton on cotton. Got any problems with that?


zibibbo said...

Nope, no problem with that. Cotton is King! ;)

amysue said...

I love cotton, so no problems here. Is green cotton the delicate celadon shade green?

Janjan said...

Thank God it's cotton. I thought it was cockroaches!

Ina said...

I'm amazed. I've never thought of growing cotton! Looking forward to seeing your patch.