Sunday, May 14, 2006

Driving through the banana republic

The Middle Teen took her driving theory test today and failed.

Let's see if any of you can do any better on the 5 questions she got wrong.

1. What does sign #56 mean?

2. What should you do when encountering sign #43?

3. When is sign #27 relevant?

4. You are entering a highway and see sign #18. Who has the right of way?

5. You would see sign #25 on what sort of road?

What's that you say? You'd need to see a chart of the signs to answer any of those questions? Gee, so did the Middle Teen. Too bad there was no such sign anywhere in the building. Several of the test-takers are planning to appeal the results. It won't get them passing grades, but at least it will get us our 116 shekel back.

But you came here for the cotton, didn't you? Looks vaugely illicit.

And the wool--aka the first of the Sixth Sense socks. Nothing like deadline knitting, is there?

No, this isnt my 'Trek with Me sock, though it is Trekking; for that (next month) I'll go with socks for one of the men in color 66.

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