Monday, May 22, 2006

4 ways to excite a woman

There's the natural way:
ooh, lookie, the cotton's in the ground!

The fabulous fake way:
Fiber Trend's flamingo pre-felting (which took a whole lot more yarn than the pattern called for--nearly three full skeins of Lamb's Pride, rather than just over two)
and felted--king of all he surveys.

The stupid way:
All the teens were away for the weekend, so The Spouse and I were in no rush to close out Shabbat. About 20 minutes after os shabbos  the phone rings, and since it might be one of the kids, we made a quick hamavdil  and answer it. The Spouse's brother is on the line: "Did you hear about the attack at the major junction near you?"

Now remember--we have 3 kids out on the roads, at least one of whom might have already gotten to that junction. We turn frantic. "What attack? WHAT HAVE YOU HEARD?"

My heart, never wonderful at the best of times, is going a mile a minute while I'm digging for my cell phone. The Spouse is turning colors.

"Didn't you hear about it?" the BIL goes on. "It was on the news."


"Last Thursday. Two people..."

The Spouse interrupts him. "You called us just after Shabbat to talk to us abut something that happened last week? And you didn't state that right off the bat? What are you, an idiot?" (He is, but that's a different story.)

Because of my heart, I think, I have very bad reactions to sudden surges of adreneline. Coming down, I get chills, weepy, even hysterical, so there went our Saturday night date. But you've got to admit--BIL sure got me excited...

And the classy way:

Look what Trish, for whom I made Jaywalkers during Sockapaloooza, sent me!


Tea (sort of hidden there--I love all the flavors and don't want any of you stealing them from me, chocolate (and she even made sure it's kosher!), point protectors shaped like socks (which by now are on my Sixth Sense needles) and a pair-of-socks-to-be-made in Regia Summer Colors 4 ply. What a great color! I was thinking of joining the Pomatomus KAL but didn't have yarn I thought would go--*bing, bing,* ladies and germs, we have a winner!

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trish said...

Glad to hear the package arrived and the chocolate didn't melt all over the yarn (new way of dying yarn?? :) ) Oh, Pomatomus is on my list to-do also!

And your pink flamingo is super!

Keep the heart calm--glad to hear all was OK despite the scare.