Sunday, May 28, 2006

First off, thank you all for the good thoughts. Dad says Mom's been doing better over the weekend (which in her mind validates her decision not to go for dialysis), but since it makes Dad happy, it makes me happy. Anyone who's got the time to say a kapittle tehilim, her name is Mecha Esther bat Sosha Sora.

Scout asked about our knitting/crochet spots. I'm almost (but obviously, not quite) embarrassed to show mine. Click on the pic to go to Flickr, where there are descriptive notes.
The spinning/weaving/fiber stash corner of the living is a little better. Then again, it's not where I spend most waking hours, like the knitting/crochet/office space is.

Oh, look--the cotton's taking. :::happy dance:::

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