Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some days it doesn't pay to chew through the straps

Another wasted day for the Middle Teen. She went to school, but most classes had been cancelled because the government was again going to be destroying people's homes, this time in Amona. She left school early, because she take aikido class in Jerusalem on Wednesday night, and I called to warn her that civilians are planning to block the main local junction at 4. "That's not the problem," she told me. "The road all the way up is blocked."

Yesterday, on the way home from the doctor (she needed to get a form signed so that she can start driving lessons) she got caught up in a road blocking and hid out in a bus stop to keep from getting arrested. She didn't want to chance it again today, so she called the dojo and they said that, under the circumstances, they wouldn't count this week as a class she needs to pay for. (The school gets a big thumbs up from me on that one!)

While hitch-hikig home she met a neighbor coming home from Amona. She was shuddering and shaking. "It was terrible," E told The Middle Teen. "The worse thing I've ever seen." Now E is no shrinking violet. She's a veteran of Yitzhar, Chevron, Gush Katif, North Shomron, been to jail a few times for road blockages -- and that's just the things *I* know about. If she was so unnerved by what happened today and how it was all carried out, just how bad was it?

When inmates like E take over the country (and it won't be long now, given demographics -- 10 years, maybe 20?) I wouldn't want to be today's "average Israeli." But will the country survive that long?

RIP Amona. We will rebuild you some day.


safranit said...

Scary stuff here isn't all makes me sad...I don't want people kicked out of their homes, but there is a right way and a wrong way.....Olmert's thugs seem to be the wrong way.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

This is all very scary and sad, which is the understatement of the year but all I can really say. None of this is making the US news, at least not broadcast. Not shocking.

I hope that you and your family stay safe.

Jane Dark said...

The hell?!!

I can't believe that this story isn't more publicized.

Or, rather, sadly, I can. And it leaves me wanting to scream.

I'm so sorry.

Jane Dark said...

Oh, and Middle Teen? Driving? My, how time flies.