Friday, February 03, 2006

MIA (the national scene)

Someone put out an APB: After everything that's happened in Israel this week, there's one person who seems to have gone missing.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Bibi Netanyahu is requested to contact the nearest Likud branch, or at least issue a press release letting people know he's still involved in Israeli politics, despite his silence.

Run down of Amona stories:

The 15 year old boy who was in critical condition is getting better. He's off the respirator and even talking about his ordeal.

A neighbor of mine, mother to nine children (including a set of triplets and a set of quadruplets) was harassed/molested (you choose which) by the police for protesting. This isn't the first time I've written about the police's choice to use sexual violence as a tool against female settlers.

Here's survivor testimony and video of the police beatings. Watch the videos, and tell me this: a week after the Hamas won the PA elections, largely on the strength of their victory is cleansing Gaza of the infection of a Jewish presence, Israel is cleansing more areas. How much sense does this make?

A modest proposal: Given what seems to be a growing trend with the police, I would suggest someone start a new fund, buying helmets for the teens and bodysuits for all protesters. I'm not joking, either. What would happen to the balance of power if the police's main tools and strength were taken away?


Janjan said...

I am so disgusted with this. I have decided not to go to Israel with Sarel this year because how can I support the current Israeli government? I think you find this interesting, my Lebanese Christian neighbor, who left during the civil war says he hopes Netanyahu wins the election. If you ever find him you may want to tell him that. Mind you, he let us all down before.

Heatherly said...

while at the hospital, we had access to "real" news not that it was well reported, we just dont have cable at home... we watched the "riots" as they were reported to be and wondered how close to you they are. your neighbor with 9 kids is my age. so i remembered you posting about her. i am so sorry for the deplorable ways the government is treating you. sounds like israel vs judah may be neccessary.