Monday, February 06, 2006

The wounded of Amona

From an SMS sent to The Youngest Teen by her friend in the army. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but word-of-mouth figures are all around this ballpark.

Here is a list of the wounded at Amona:

2 boys each blinded in one eye

1 cracked skull

40 suspected to have been rendered infertile

4 girls rendered infertile

3 boys rendered infertile

Pass this on!!

The fears of infertility stem from massive wounds inflicted either thrugh blows to the stomach and the internal organs (for the girls) and to the testicles (for the boys).

Today there was a meeting about the sexual violence employed by the police against female protesters. They were called whores, told to spread their legs, groped, beaten on their chests, stomachs, and between their legs, and told, according to one teenaged girl, "We'll keep on beating you there because you like it. You like having us touch you there." Other girls reported being threatened with rape. I'm no prophet; I hate that my prediction of increased sexual harassment as a police tool is coming true.

Knitting? Oh, yeah, I have knitting. Hopefully tomorrow will be calm so I can post pics.


zibibbo said...

They have treated them worse than they treat the splodeys. Could you imagine going in oh horseback and whacking the crap out of the ...oh never mind, you know what I mean.

Heatherly said...

it used to be said if israeli soldiers were around you had nothing to fear from them. i have been told this growing up so many times. obviously not true today.
Praying for your safety.

muse said...

Refuah Shleimah
The yeshiva hs is talking about it all the time, teachers, too. A well-known dr said that they should be fine.