Sunday, February 05, 2006

Couldn't have said it better myself

Treppenwitz on Amona. Read it and weep.

And while the police were busy with other things, an Arab boards a minibus and stabs the passengers, murdering 53 year old Kineret Ben-Shalom. We see that terror issues from the Judenrein Gaza every day, including last Friday. Now we see it's coming out of the Judenrein North Shomron, too. Israel says it will hurt anyone who attaks Israel. Oh, yeah, sure. I'll bet those fliers can give a mean papercut when they land. When are the police going to start bombing outposts with fliers and call it a day?

Meanwhile Israel will continue to finance the Hamas.

And here's a story that doesn't seem to have made the mainstream press: before a local worker came out and brained today's terrorist, enabling his capture, he was shot at by Yeshurun Gavish, whose parents, grandfather, and older brother were murdered in their own home by an Arab terrorist. But, of course, because he's originally from Elon Moreh and moved, after the tragedy, to Kedumim (where his widowed sister-in-law and her mother, Daniella Weiss, took the family in), he must not be praised. Because, as we all know, settlers are "the Jewish Hamas" (at least according to our acting Prime Minister). They are the enemy, and nothing good, nor even anything human, may be said of them.


Jane Dark said...

Sh-t. I'm sorry, Moze. I'm sorry.

treppenwitz said...

You seem to say a great many things quite nicely! Thank you for the link and the praise, though.

rachel ann said...

It is so frightening.I saw those photos and I thought What have we become? What has this country become? How could they do this to children????

Olmert is an evil being.