Friday, February 24, 2006

Pride goeth before a frog

Here's the front of my Holly. Isn't she beautiful?

Too bad she's also too small.

If you're going to do a swatch, make it a large one. I was perfectly on gauge for 4", but 1/2 stitch off when doing the whole thing, and stupid me didn't remeasure while knitting.

I've cast on again, this time doing front and back together circularly. I hate finishing.

At least I have my Glad Raggs to keep me happy:

I'm really not sure about this idea of a beaded sock. But that's what this whole 6 Sock thing is about, isn't it, trying new ideas which are outside your comfort zone?

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Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Gak. Gauge. Swatches. We hates them precious. Especially gauge shift where you're spot on on one sleeve and then the next sleeve is huge. Or what about this gauge shifting from flat knitting to round knitting? What is UP with that?

Knitting a sweater is fraught with peril.