Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oddly reassuring

There is something oddly reassuring about my newest Firefox extension, the Abe Vigoda status bar.

And something oddly reassuring that I wasn't the only Netvision customer who couldn't blog. From what I was told by the techie who helped me yesterday (may he have lots of love this year, bless his heart), the first tier "support" people have a script, which basically is 14 different ways of telling the customer, "It's not Netvision's fault, it's your fault." I mean, my router wasn't talking to Netvision, and they asked me if I had a screen saver running on one of the laptops wirelessly connected to the system! If you want anything done, you have to keep insisting on talking to a manager, then yell and scream, and then, maybe then, you'll be connected to a real techie. It seems to be an Israeli thing; we get the same run around from the electric company when the lights go out. "Maybe you blew a fuse?" And powered down the entire town? What do they think I have in my house -- the infamous 1965 New York State blow-dryer?

This message was brought to you by Abe Vigoda and customers who are sick of lousy customer service.

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muse said...

No, you weren't alone, we netvision blogspot bloggers should work like a support group.

Here's the story: