Sunday, February 19, 2006

Customer service, take 2

OK, Bezeq gets off the list of "blame it on the customer" enterprises. We have no phone lines in the house save our ADSL internet connection. Called Bezeq to complain and--suprise, surprise--they tell us they know and it'll be a day or two. Seems Arabs stole some of the cabling going into the main regional station at Beit El, and it will take a day or two to replace it.

Well, I guess I'll have time to finish off the back of Holly and start the front...

Acytually, not. I just found out that not only do I need a valid passport to get into Mexico, it has to be valid for 6 months after the date I enter. My US passport won't be, and I always feel safer having at least 2 valid passports with me, so I'm off to the Embassy tomorrow to renew. I'm cutting things close, but with a ticket, they'll get it back to you in 7 working days instead of 3 weeks. True, I only have the Israel/Paris/Israel section ticketed (the Mexico section won't be ready until tomorrow), but that should be good enough. I hope. But knitting needles? In the Embassy? Those folks are worse than TSA, even at Palm Beach International.


Jane Dark said...

What are you doing in Paris and Mexico?

What a pity neither one is closer to Rome...

Rachel Ann said...

You want to gang up and start a demonstration in front of bezeq? I finally got them to admit the problems we were having weren't the router, the internet provider or little fairies angry at not having been invited for Shalos Seudot.

It was their problem.
But they did finally admit it.