Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Say a prayer

For the recovery of 15 year old Yechiam (the son of Rachel & Nachi) Ayal, who is in serious-to-critical condition at Haddash Ein Karem. He is unconscious and on a respirator, suffering from a cracked skull. A cracked skull given to him by the police today in Amona.

Oh, what a lovely democracy. In what other democracy would Parliament members be brutalized by the police? Effi Eitam was bloody, but is well enough to be talking to the press. Aryeh Eldad's arm was broken. As much as people complain about Bush's USA, has anyone seen pictures like this

of any US Congressperson?

The only good news of the day is that the 13 year old girl who's been in prison (not in the luxury wing, either--caged with the druggies) because she no longer recognizes the sovereignty of the Israeli system and went into the destroyed community of Sa-Nur after the government said not to, was released!


zib said...

minkia man. This will achieve absolutely nothing. Yeah, they showed them getting beaten on the tv tonight. Oddly enough they could not explain why this was happening, just that it was happening. Prayers indeed.

Janjan said...

sigh....yeah. Hang in there, Moze.