Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Honey, I'm home!

I thought Blogger was never going to let me in again...

Guess who's on-line with a brand-spanking new home wireless network? Yep. And no thanks to The Spouse, who told me a month ago that I couldn't handle it. OK, I probably would have had a difficult time putting the card into the single desktop which needed it, but with help from my ISP's tech support I would have managed. But I did set up the router, troubleshot the connection with my ISP (after a low level tech tried to help us with an email problem by having us screw up our system), and set the computers up as a network. Now I can take my computer into the living room to do a Pilates DVD and not lose my Bittorent downloads!

And why did the tech guy help us, even though it wasn't an ISP issue? Today's Valentine's Day, which in Israel is called the "Day of Love." My Hebrew name translates as "love," and he said it would be bad luck for him to not help me on this day of all days...

Now, why was I so anxious to blog? Look what my SP6 spoilee sent me!

This proves that Rainy is my soul-sister. Deep dark chocolate to bribe The Spouse with, the exact brand of tea that I scoured NYC looking for (the bags are built in such a way that there are no problems using them on the Sabbath) ultra-cool stitch markers (Evil Eye, begone from my knitting!) post-its (everyone knows I'm all about the post-its), the cutest magnet (Lives -- Get one), and Lorna's Laces -- in the flesh. I'm going to make me some anklets. Maybe while I'm off on my next trip?

And check out the postcard which she sent with the package. Because I am the good Katz gone bad.

Go check out Rainy's blog, if only for the funniest description of curling I've ever read.
And lest you think no knitting has been taking place, just because I'm not in the Knitting Olympics, My Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (get *her*, she's throwing around brand names like she always knits with the good stuff. Ha!) sweater -- Holly from the October 2005 Magknits.

Lesson for the day: read each section of the pattern before you try to knit that section. Frog, frog, frog.

Another blog rec: Overheard in New York. A daily must-read, but often NSFW.

Omri Sharon. 9 months in jail. Think this is the start of something? No, neither did I.


Jane Dark said...

Oh, I love Overheard in NY. It's the best.

Katie said...

What makes a teabag suitable for Shabbat? OK, that sounds like a riddle but I'm genuinely curious (if not exactly shomer Shabbat).

And no, no Cinxia progress. I guess I should post something on the blog...not with a bang, but a whimper.