Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Simchat what???

The big news in town this holiday wasn't the Torah (is it, after all, thousands of years old) but that we had an honest-to-Tzvika-Hadar celebrity in our midst. Shai Gabso, third place winner of the first Kochav Nolad contest (think "Israeli Idol") spend Simchat Torah here, staying across teh street from us.

One 8th grade girl screamed so loud when she heard that people came rushing over to her, thinking someone had died. When The Spouse and I came back from our after-dinner walk last night, our block was lined with teeny-boppers, hoping to get a glimpse of The Great Gelled One. As we appraoched our house the whole block fell silent, except for The Middle and The Youngest Teen, who were sitting outside with their friends. The dorr across the street opens. Shai Gel-so walks out. All the teeny-boppers sigh. The Youngest Teen breaks out with her donkey-laugh. We are wished a good holiday by The Gel and his entourage, we wish them all one back. He walks away, talking to his lady-friends very loudly, calling attention to himself.

During the hakafot today the teenaged girls and the young married women were wondering if the singer were here looking for a wife, and deciding who would suit him best. Um, hello? He came here with two women? I dout he's looking for another, not here.

Tonight, after the holiday, our street was once again a beehve of activity as teeny-boppers crowded 'round to have their pictures taken with the man. "He touched me," some of the girls shrieked after their snaps were shot. (Gee, and this town is so repressed they freak if a boy is seen talking with an age-appropriate female neighbor; I guess the rules are different is the boy in question is an outside celeb.)

The most sung song this holiday? Not "Ata Horayta La'daat." Not "Mi Pi Kel." No--it was "Yom V'od Yom." Complete with the asmatic pauses. Ever see a shul full of drunk guys trying to keep shuffling along to two cent pop songs? Sigh--I have seen teh future, and it was on syndicated TV.

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