Friday, October 28, 2005

Post holiday round-up

Look at the goodies I got from Sherry W.!

In an envelope made from gorgeous deep purple paper, these beauties:

I'm seriously thinking of attaching earring wire to two of them. I know my knitting deserves the very best, but so do I!

Reading: This year I hope to keep track of what I read. I devour books, but like Chinese food, after an hour I'm hungry for more and can't really recall what I just had. Over the holiday, hiding from Gabso mania, I read An Unfinished Woman by Lillian Hellman. Surprising--even though she comes at it from the left side of the equation, she speaks about so much that applies today from the other side--how all good people need to do is say nothing to allow evil to creep in while we sit quietly, knitting our socks. This one's a keeper; I'll pay the army to haul this out of my house.
I also read Fire and Fog by Dianne Day, which I gather is part of a series about Fremont Jones, a plucky young woman who leaves her prim and proper Boston home for independence in northern California (think Dr. Quinn, Typewriting Woman). Too much personal story, too little mystery for my tastes; if I wanted to read a book primarily about the Great Earthquake, I'd pick a non-fiction text. The romance was all too predictable, too. For the sale/trade-in pile.

No knitting was logged over the holiday, but since then I've been making up for lost time.
In honor of Socktoberfest, we have the Mosaic Socks from the Six Socks KAL:

Cinxia's first sleeve:

A first and last look at a super secret squirrel project (until at least mid-December):

And the cast-on for my newest project, an altered cookbook. This one will take a while…

And the only FO (Fos?) in recent memory -- a multi-directional scarf from Esmeralda "Naif," a cotton/rayon/ acrylic blend, with a mini-multi-directional scarf. The big scarf is for wearing when working out (it'll act as toweling) and the little one is for next year's sukkah. This is part of the stash I lucked into back in March, at the West Palm Beach Goodwill.

Cotton count:
4 bolls brown
12 bolls white
11 bolls green

3 bolls brown
5 bolls green


Sherry W said...

I'm happy you liked the markers! :)

AmyS said...

Cool, Moze! I didn't know you were into altered books! I'm just getting started with the whole altered art/collage thing myself... I do alot of rubber stamping, though. I hope you have more photos of the altered cookbook somewhere. I welcome the inspiration!