Monday, October 17, 2005

Le Freak

Last night I had a freak-out. First there was a terror attack against a bus stop/hitchhiking stop, in which 3 were killed, while my kids were out taking buses and/or hitching. I even went so far as to call The Youngest Teen to check on where she was (I never do; I trust her to call if she needs me) and to ask The Oldest Teen to call me when he got to Jerusalem and again when he got on a bus/ride coming home.
At night, it began to rain. the teen girls were sitting at the table by candlelight (rain=no power). Said The Youngest Teen: "G-d's crying." Said The Middle Teen: "No, it's not that much rain. It's only the angels."

Then my sister called, wanting to know why I haven't been sending her my usual "Everything's OK here. How are you?" e-mails. I let her have an earful, because everything's not OK here, and I care too much about her to lie. The poor woman; all she wanted to do was wish me a happy Sukkot….

Cotton count:
4 bolls brown
10 bolls white
10 bolls green

3 bolls brown
5 bolls green


Anonymous said...

I am 30 and every now and then my mother calls if she hears of something happening around me. I feel a bit slighted if I don't get a call to check in! Hang in there! I enjoy reading your blog and thought that I shouldn't lurk any longer.

muse said...

You're allowed to freak out.
Nobody called us, even though I heard the ambulances to Eli. I guess my daughter did, though she knows I rarely go in that direction.