Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How hot does it have to be for plastic to melt?

Last night Channel 2 News had a story on expellees who have retrieved their belongings from the government. Wood was shattered, cloth was ripped, plastic melted in the heat of metal containers left out in the sun. TV were destroyed, furniture wrecked, object d'art shattered, computers killed by baking, appliances damaged. The piece ended with the newscaster saying "This is how the country takes care of those who have been turned out of their homes." And The Middle Teen, The Spouse, and I sat there wondering: what's the angle? Why is the TV news suddenly sympathetic?

The Middle Teen got a lift home the other day with a man expelled from Sanur. He took a look at the construction work at Tappuach Junction and said to her, "Yep, you're getting kicked out soon." Gee, thanks.

So I play ostrich, knitting up my stash, though that's one of the few things I'd let the army handle--they couldn't break it, and the heat? It might melt the acrylics, but it would certainly make sure there were no moths in my wool!

The SnB Alien Illusion scarf is a FO. The Youngest Teen grabbed it, still damp, off the blocking wires, but stopped long enough to let me get a quick shot:

In the dark it's amazingly cool. Almost makes the hassle of working with the &^^$%&**&*^*#&*^*(+&*$% glow-in-the-dark yarn worth it. This stuff is nasty, folks, but it does what it promises to do.

I got a surprise in the mail today, but from whom? The return address has a name and address; I don't find either in the RAOK database. If the person who sent this is reading, please let me know who you are! The Younger Teens keep passing my desk, looking at the skein, and arguing which one of them will get the socks. Ha--Mama's selfish. These babies are going to be for me. After all, it's my first Opals; I've never seen this brand in the wild before, either in Israel or in the yarn shops I've patronized in the US.

Speaking of the US, we're working on our fall tour itinerary. So far it looks like NY, Houston, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Boston. Any recommendations for fibery goodness (and non-fibery things to do with a spouse)?

Cotton count:
4 bolls brown
8 bolls white
9 bolls green

3 bolls brown
3 bolls green


Heatherly said...

boston has a fabulous indian/vegetarian resturaunt called masalaa.(one in denver too) there are whale watching tours out of there too.
cant remember what else. i was 15 when we left. so romance was not really in the picture. baltimore has dinner cruises around the chesapeake, but annapolis is our favourite. chick and ruth's deli is a fun place, if you have time to get down there. unfortunately i did not knit when i lived in either place. ;-(

Janjan said...

Okay... Newbury Yarns in the Back Bay, and there is Creative Warehouse in Needham:
Creative Warehouse
220 Reservoir St.
Needham, MA 02494

It's hard to find so call for directions.

And if you'd like to contact me when you get to Bean-Town, We'll come up and meet you for Kosher Chinese in Brookline.

sUsAn said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the map postcard of Mini Israel!!!! I love it! What a wonderful surprise your card was! I'm happy to discover your blog too!

Batya said...

I heard about the construction from a neighbor released from jail. http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/2005/10/144-last-week-of-year.html