Monday, October 31, 2005

Good morning, sunshine

From a Haaretz article:

"For a while now this has not been a small group," an [Israeli army] officer said. "Now even 12-year-old students at ulpanot [religious girls schools] are attacking soldiers, just like the hilltop hooligans. This is the result of the Gush Katif 'summer camp.' It could well be that we've lost an entire generation here: a large group of youth from the settlements that instead of going to the elite units are labeling the IDF as the enemy."

Gee, ya think. Where has the army been the past 5 years? My girls' bus stop is a few hundred meters from a big army base. If any soldier ever had come out to talk to them, they would have figured this all out long ago. If any of the boys I know plan to enlist, it will be with a sense of "necessary evil" like dentist visits, finals, and the lancing of boils.

But enough doom and gloom. Look at what Renee sent me for the Stitch Marker Exchange! Don't they remind you of the lymon goodness of Sprite?

Late breaking news:
If you hear that The Oldest Teen was arrested for assaulting a soldier, it was all the soldier's fault! Details will be posted if anyone's interested in hearing them… (Yeah, that's a shameless plea for comments. So?)

Cotton count:
4 bolls brown
12 bolls white
11 bolls green

3 bolls brown
8 bolls green


Carol said...

Okay, I'll bite. So what happened?

Rachel Ann said...

Which soldier?

Anonymous said...

If it is true - I hope he is all right!

Katie said...

Oh my. So much for my earlier mail hoping you'd had a good week...everything ok?

Batya said...


But besides that, my neighbors' kids have still been trying out for elite units but discovered that they're automatically rejected from some.

They didn't march with flags this year.

renee said...

Glad you liked the stitch markers. I hope your son remains safe and sound and the commander moves on to something else, more important.