Saturday, October 29, 2005


Suddenly, we're the hip, happenin' settlement. First is was Shai Gabso, now Dudu Fisher. His son lives across the street from me, so we got the same 24 hours of screaming fans. This time instead of eighth grade teeny-boppers, it was kindergarten kids, since he is known locally more for his series of kids' videos than for his Broadway performances. Me, I think I may have to hurt the man, because the whole Shabbat I've had the soundtrack of Les Miz running through my head. Isn't that against the Geneva Conventions or something? [sigh]

During the day the neighborhood sat outside and did the usual gossip run. (Mrs. Fisher doesn't cover her hair--what a scandal!) Boring and petty, but a nice change from the "Guess who's the Secret Services spy amongst us" game. Now it's after Shabbat and he's just driven off, to a chorus of baby-boppers chanting "Dudu! Dudu! Dudu!"

So which celebrity will visit my town next? Two in one week--we're going to get spoiled.

But the more significant happening this weekend was the Sheva Brachot the post-wedding celebration, of the son of the family where The Youngest Teen is a bat bayit.

The bride loves sushi almost as much as I do. On the first day of Rosh HaShana she mentioned it, and when we had the whole extended family over to our house for kiddush on the second day, The Spouse had made her some; she loved it. At the wedding, on Wednesday night, he promised the bride some for this weekend, and in the end made sushi rolls and rice balls for 72 people. The poor girls is taking me for a role model, even wearing her hair, under her hat, as I do (with the ends sticking out). I warned her she's looking for trouble, wanting to be anything like me.

During the course of Friday night dinner with the wedding party we realized that we were making plans with the Teens for their own eventual weddings -- and making those plans assuming we'd still be here at that point. Either we're regaining our optimism or we're developing political Alzheimer's.

Speaking of politics, check out Zib's newest blog ring.

And speaking of teens and politics, I got an email from a friend whose 14 year old spend some time in jail this summer for having typical teen fresh-mouth. This is about a local girl is a lot of trouble for sticking to her religious principles. I wonder what would be happening if she were a Muslim and demanded a trial by a Muslim court?

After more than two months of media censorship and silence, the shameful story of the Israeli government prosecution and persecution of a 16-year-girl for her political and religious beliefs has broken through the media ban. The story of Tziviya Sariel of Elon Moreh finally hit the papers and her uncle was about to be interviewed on Israeli Channel 2, when an Israeli court issued a gag order against any publicity concerning her case.

Tziviya has been languishing in an Israeli jail for women, without bail for more than 60 days charged with involvement in anti government protests following the expulsion of Jews from Northern Shomron. She has angered the Israeli authorities by refusing to recognize the secular Israeli legal system, demanding to be tried before a Rabbinic court. This new trend of Jews demanding trails according to Torah law has caused absolute hysteria among many Israeli judges. The judge presiding over Tziviya's trial actually ordered Tziviyah to be sent for psychiatric evaluation because of her insistence to be tried in a Torah court.

The fact that Tziviya's case has now broken through government censorship has embarrassed the prosecutor and the courts to bring forward her next trial date to this coming Monday October 31, 05. Tziviya's family is urging the public to attend a protest outside the Kfar Saba courthouse, Monday 8:00 AM. The family will be holding signs that read: "If it is crazy to be Jewish and to prefer Jewish law, then lock us all up in mental institutions."

"The use of psychological repression against political rivals with opposing ideological beliefs is a tactic used by repressive regimes and has no place in the land of Israel. We hope to deliver thousands of signed petitions to the President of Israel against this insanity," said Yekutiel Ben Yaakov of Mishalot Yisrael.

To sign the petition visit

Send contributions for campaign to Mishalot Yisrael - Jaffa Rd 210/14 Jerusalem, Israel.

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Heatherly said...

when i was in public school in D.C. , they informed my mother i was in need of a psychiatrist b/c i thought about G-d too much.
how is it that a child being religious is a bad thing, but one assaulting other students, just "being a kid" and that behaviour is ignored?! I hope she gets her torah court.