Saturday, October 08, 2005

RAOK me gently

Maryellen must have thought Stinky wasn't so hot (so not true--look where he lives!)

so she RAOKed me with a seahorse, too!

Isn't she cute? This year we're putting up a magnetic board in the sukkah, so I'm going to temporarily install a magnet in her back and hang her there to greet all our guests.

And look at the card Maryellen sent her with. Isn't it just too cute? The Middle Teen is claiming this one.

Cinxia is progressing after a new yarn choice.

Old choice? Sand colored silk chenille. Lovely yarn, bad results. Doesn't this just scream cinnamon pie crust?

This is much better. You can actually see the stitch pattern.

Only problem? It's Cotton Ease. Split city. But it was stash shopping. Besides, I get the cool color goodness of Samus without the Kepler-like vibes.

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