Friday, October 07, 2005

Flash your socks!

Jane wants to see 'em lined up for roll call? Well, here they are!

The top row are my first experiments in sock knitting. Of course they're all knee socks. (Suicidal? Me? What makes you think so?)
From the left: Love Knot socks in a yarn which, 4 years later, still bleeds. Twisted Mary socks in 100% cotton (I know better now). Blue acrylic socks (again, I know better now) from a pattern gifted me by a member of the late, lamented Oasis Israel Knitting Guild. A single mosaic sock, meant to be especially ugly (I was knitting it to suit a song off a Betty Buckley album which spoke of "that ugly coat that you wore/Plaided black and white").
The second and third rows are my later efforts: basic blue worsted weight socks, Magic Stripes brand and Regia 4 ply on row 2, and on the third, Sockotta, homespun Chute N' Ladders, and Fortissima Ambles (the latter two from the Six Socks KAL).
The bottom two rows are socks knit for me by others--the two color socks (4 pairs) were knit by the mother of our German friends, and the Trekking socks were knit by my Sockapal2za partner.

Not shown: The Middle Teen's Trekking socks (do you think I'm stupid enough to try to find them in her room?), my older sister's Magic Stripes socks (because I'm not going to fly to Baltimore on a Friday to take a picture), the pair I made for my Sockpal2za partner (who has no blog), and 2 more pair of the two color socks which live in my NY wardrobe.

Local news: My neighbor got a great New Year's gift-- she gave birth to quadruplets. Wait--it gets better. She has a 10 year old son, a 7 year old son, and -- here it comes -- 5 year old triplets (two girls and a boy; the quads are 3 girls and a boy). She made it to the 36th week, and all the babies are a good weight and are breathing on their own. Now I know why she was sitting down for shofar blowing both days.
Twins run in her family, and there are some triplets, but I think this is the first quad. Even the doctor thought there were only 3; everyone was very surprised in the delivery room when there was a 4th one waiting in there.

She's 30 years old, and now has 9 kids. But you know what? I couldn't think of better parents to raise kids. They're smart, funny, self-supporting, attentive parents. It's unusual for me not to be able to say something catty about a neighbor, but this family? They're the best.

Cotton count:
3 bolls brown
4 bolls white
4 bolls green

3 bolls brown
1 boll green

(Ignore the mountain of boxed rovings and fleece in the background. But that couple in the old-timey picture on the bookcase? My in-laws on their wedding day. Aren’t they cute?)


wendy g said...

Great collection of socks. Love the cotton boll updates too.

Lolly said...

Great socks! I really like some of the knee socks... I have to try this kind :)

Wow--9 kids? that is amazing. congrats to them.

L'hitriot :)

--Deb said...

A set of quads, a set of triplets and two other children. Oh MY!! Congratulations and lots of luck to all of them!

Heatherly said...

here i am 30 and due with baby #6..i am guessing a yom kippur fast will induce labor. (due 10-18)
no triplets, twins, ot quads. ;-)
mazel tov to the mama!