Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Can you cotton to this?

The brown cotton when from lint to this

The color is even darker than last year's, so I guess no crossbreeding between the brown and white took place. [whew]

One boll of the white was ready to be picked

The green is still opening. This was the color I was most interested in, since I still have some of last year's white and brown to spin. At last count I should be getting 18 bolls of the green, which means lots and lots of seeds for next year. The picture just isn't getting the true color of this--a beautiful light sage. My tahkli is itching to get this wrapped around it.

While I was busy knitting and gardening, The Spouse was busy writing. This is a megillat Esther he recently finished, along with a case he helped customize. Wish his grocery list handwriting were this beautiful!

We squabbled yesterday--too high expectations and too little planning to fulfill them.

To make up for it, The Spouse designed this--my name in the shape of a carnation. (We grow carnations in a planter outside our front door, and every few mornings he brings one in for my desk).

To make up for it, I finished his Amble socks.

One project down, next started: yarn for the Middle Teen's next sweater. Not that she's gotten far in knitting sweater #1...


AprilBrokenA said...

That is gorgeous! The cotton, the yarn, the writing, the case - all of it!

muse said...

How do you manage all this and blog too? family? cooking? cleaning? You must be superwoman!