Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Political round-up

Since I haven't gotten my SP6 match yet, nor do I even know who my hostess is. Help me, I think I've fallen through the cracks...

If you only watch one video clip about what Gush Katif was (and is), download this (wmv format, 2.41 mb). Set to the remake of Ze haya beiti (This was my home), a song which speaks of Israel's last worthless amputation, Yamit.

Meanwhile, the Israeli security services are shocked, I tell you, shocked that the Palestinians aren't abiding by agreements. What a surprise, especially after the way they've honored every other agreement they've ever made!

The Gaza border with Egypt wasn't wide open enough for some some so pulled it down.
"We view the situation as extremely serious and expect the PA and Egyptians to take immediate action and restore law and order," a source said. "If the situation remains unchecked, Israel will be forced to take steps."

Take steps? A waltz? A two-step? Maybe a little tap and jazz? Mofaz has said we'll have a plan of "zero tolerance."

Need that turned into English? It means we'll tolerate anything and in response we'll do zero.

Face it, guys. We're in the unique position of watching a country commit suicide one limb at a time. Think you're safe because it's someone else being sacrificed this time around? That's what the people of Netiv Ha'Asarah thought, too -- until the bombs started to fly and they could see the whites of the enemies' eyes.

The UNRWA is going to expand operations to Gaza. Tell me, how come Gazan Arabs, born in the towns where they now live, living in an autonomous zone under their own government's control, are refugees, but the homeless and jobless families of Gush Katif and North Shomron, living in limbo and moving every few days, are not?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree! my family in Ashkelon will be here for turkey day, I can't wait to hear what they have to say about it all.

Batya said...

Nothing's fair, because it's so easy to hate Jews, or something genetic?