Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Here at Chez Moze we're all about the details. For years the unfinished concrete base of our house has annoyed the whole family, and now Wednesdays are for doing something about it. It's amazing what we can do with broken bottles, glasses, and plates.

My contribution:

And The Spouse's, just under the front door -- our surname:

The knitting WIPs:

Why, oh why, did I marry a man with the world's highest arches and longest feet? Amble will go on forever.

It's supposed to be 4 repeats for the leg, 1.75 repeats for the heel flap, and 4 for the foot. Ha! I'm on repeat 6 for the foot, and no end in sight.

(Don't pay attention to the safety pin. Somehow, sipping the twisted stitches off the RH needle, I dropped one, unknit. But I still had the right stitch count, so I must have knit it. Oh, well, I'll tack it in on the wrong side. Just don't tell The Spouse, OK?)

Yesterday, while walking around Tel Aviv, I continued the pink tank top. It's an easy pattern--miles and miles of a twisted rib in the round.

The only mystery is why the first two balls each did about an inch and a half and the third is doing 3 inches, with the end not yet in sight. (See those slip knots? That where new balls are tied on; I'll weave in at the end.)

Alien Illusion scarf is going strong, too--anyone know how to photograph glow-in-the-dark yarn so it looks good? At this point the scarf photographs in black and white, which is decidedly uncool.

Princess wants to know: "Where are my socks?"

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Batya said...

Such a talented clan you guys are!